It all started out in a small kitchen in Stockholm. One devoted sweet tooth on a mission to connect the dots between the world of health and training and the wonderful world of scrumptious sweets. The founder of Tweek, Åsa Rosén, has always had a passion for treats of all shapes, tastes and sizes. With a hectic life style she developed a stress related condition which led to inability to work for long periods of time. This is where it all started. Åsa was determined to find ways to improve her condition and started scanning the globe for different foods and ingredients with known health benefits.

Pastries, bars and other exiting innovations in the tiny kitchen in Stockholm. (Also a few total disasters we might add!)The goal soon became clear to her as she began to learn more about these exciting ingredients; what if there was a way to create a new type of candy based on fibers without adding regular sugar? Where appearance, taste and mouth feel is no different from traditional candy? After years of research, experimenting, euforia mixed with great challenges (and far too little sleep!) we are finally ready to offer our next generation sweets to the world.

 Warberg Candy Group - one of Swedens biggest producers of high quality candy, joined the Tweek adventure in the spring of 2016 adding to the brand with their great experince in candy making since 1946. And no, we make no claims to be a dietary supplement or a miracle snack. We made a new kind of candy. We believe life should be all about balance. To indulge in good stuff that makes us happy and still be kind to our bodies. To be all scientific and utterly devoted to the field of research and still being able to present it in form of childishly yummy sweets. And we´re only just getting started.

TWEEK — join the candy revolution!